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Cho Yeon Kim

Senior Associate


Cho Yeon(Renee) is a senior associate at Big Basin Capital, where she invests in food and consumer technology. 


Cho Yeon strives to become a venture capitalist who can develop enduring relationships with early-stage startup teams and grow with them throughout their venture.


Before joining Big Basin Capital, Cho Yeon started her career as a social media marketing intern at Vingle during her sophomore year in college. After graduating from college, she worked as a marketer and CS specialist at aspiring startups in Seoul and New York, including Qualson and Comotomo US. She joined DT&investment in 2019 and actively invested in food and agri-tech startups in their early to mid-stage. 


Cho Yeon studied international relations in East Asia and Political Philosophy at Macaulay Honors College-Baruch. She also received a dual MSc degree in Public Administration from Peking University and LSE. 

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